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Currently working with Haxe/OpenFL. Wish to develop games in C, and later Jai (Jon Blow's language) for making games from scratch.

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You know that post I made early last month? Fall of Atlantis is finally done, and the first chapter can now be read! The full description is below, and here is the link:



Atlantis was a rich, wealthy city built by the original Maron of the planet Olath. The Maron sought to grow their imagination by bringing life to inhabitable planets in the universe. The Maron – a white race of humans – had but one purpose: to prosper as wealthy and powerful beings. The Fai – a troll-like race – on the other hand, did not approve of the Marons desire for wealth. The cause would be great enough to tear worlds apart and bring them falling through the dimensions, which the Fai have warned them on multiple occasions.

As they spread throughout the universe, they gathered intelligence of other species. Of all of the ones they had came across, there was one that stood out for both the Fai and the Maron.

The homo sapiens. A species that ravage the lands they walk on, difficult to negotiate with but yet strong and courageous. The Maron were very interested in becoming a part of their order, but the Fai saw only destruction in their wake. Homo sapiens soon took the powers granted by the Maron to expand their knowledge to different planets, and of them was Earth.

The Maron helped them build a city called Atlantis, a circular city encapsulated by reinforced glass, with two outward arcing spires that allowed the sun to emblazon the waters at the bottom of the city, even at night. For almost three hundred million years, homo sapiens triumphed over their glory and wealth. Then the Maron returned.

They came with fire, destruction and in a war that caused the great civilisation of the Atlanteans to fall to the fourth dimension, controlled by cultists from above.

The Fall of Atlantis lies ever closer in the hands of five young heroes, attempting to uncover the mysteries of the current uncorrupted lords of the Maron within their own dimension. Will these heroes be able to stop cultism before the fall, or will the cultists be victorious once again?

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