Interactive Story Engine/Editor

2014-11-07 10:58:34 by brutalexcess

Looking for a release of the StoryDev engine and editor? Look no further.

Here is a list of features that you can do with StoryDev:

  • Write Passages with Markdown-style formatting to present rich text.
  • Write code in Passages and Game Events to add game mechanics to your passages.
  • Use the Haxe Math class to execute complex algorithms.
  • Customise the look of font colours, sizes and format of links and raw text.
  • Transition the size and location of the Passage and Character Images.
  • Display Character and Background images
  • Play sound files on multiple channels
  • Use JSON to get creative and make complex data such as enemies, RPG-style combat and even a custom modification on top of this engine.

Over on Github is the source code for the engine and editor. The engine is written in Haxe and OpenFL; currently it only supports Flash for the time being until OpenFL supports some more TextField functions required for it to run natively on Windows, Linux and Mac. The main aim of the engine is to target multiple platforms, of course. If I am feeling ambitious enough, I may even attempt to port the engine over to Android and iOS, but that's talking too far in the future at present.

The editor, on the other hand, is written in C# and currently only available for Windows users with the .NET Framework 4 downloaded and installed. Eventually, I wish to create a GTK# application with MonoDevelop, but some features, such as the Fast Colored Text Box (beautiful library, by the way), may need to be sacrificed for this port to work.

You can download and install the latest version of the StoryDev editor here.

Looking for screenshots?


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2014-11-07 23:52:49

Sounds interesting. So it's a tool for story writing?

brutalexcess responds:

Yes, there is now a new version though, so I will be providing an update shortly on that!