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2015-02-01 20:32:02 by brutalexcess

Ancient Domain, if you are not aware, is going to be an interactive story based on the ancient history of civilisations leading up to Atlantis. The artefacts found within the game will resemble these ancient civilisations in some way, mostly Atlantean artefacts lost when the supercontinent Pangaea was divided over millions of years. There were many times during these periods when the capital populous of 20,000 inhabitants at Atlantis would freeze in time, until it was safe to return to the present.

Atlantis was structured and designed to mimic that of their creators - the Maron. The Maron are the most intelligent, and potentially the oldest, Human race known in the Universe. Their scientific advancements led them to biological cloning, with their final experiment being Homo sapiens, before their final ship got ripped apart by a supernova as they were returning to their home planet.

It was at this time when all Human clones became disconnected from their ancestors and lost the scientific knowledge they once had. Over the millions of years Humans inhabited within Atlantis, many lost their knowledge to the systems used and this became evident in their abuse over it. You see, abuse becomes ignorance, which leads to further abuse.

The artificial systems of Atlantis practically kicked the inhabitants out of the city - one by one - until there was no one left but the city itself and its automated systems. This once glorious city is now a ghost town, frozen in time since 23,618 BC. In that time, the surviving Humans fled North and divided into separate civilisations, leading to further division and - eventually - what we see today.

Ancient Domain is a journey starting at Kansan Point, within the Atlantic Ocean at the Easter Caribbean Reef. Kansan Point will be free forever, to download and play. This area will be used as Testing for future content, which will be released in Chapters.

I am not 100% sure on the amount of Chapters I wish to write, but I can assure you they will be lengthy and well-written!

For a design and overview of the missions to expect in Kansan Point, below is an image, and here is the link to the original.





[EXC] - This means Exclusive. Only one out of the current branch missions may be chosen by the player.


I will be using this image here as well as on my forums to show you the progress of missions and details of the game as they are being written.


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