My Eventual (Business) Website

2015-02-06 03:32:10 by brutalexcess

I have decided - after trying out so many editors online - to choose Weebly as my preferred website design and hosting choice. After much consideration, I believe I may be saving a lot more money than I would using Webs and much of their broken tools after the merge with Vistaprint (a company which clearly does not give a damn about Webs). Webs was a great web host, they allowed me to upload my own customisable website using HTML and CSS code, right off the bat. I could create my own folders in the file manager (which you can no longer do now); I could edit blog posts without links arbitrarily breaking half way through the link itself (which it now does); I could get Webs support within just 5-10 minutes (waiting times are about 30+ mins now). Now Webs has become a money-monger simply out to get every inch of my bank account as humanely possible. Okay, maybe not that ridiculous, but you get my point.


With Weebly, I get more features on their Pro package than I do with Webs on their best package for about $40 cheaper (which in my case is about £27). The additional option of selling digital goods is a grand plus, considering I will be selling my video game Ancient Domain (at some point).


You can laugh or attempt to embarrass me, but I am not one for website design or development. I would rather pick up a template and work from that, customise the template to my liking and go from there. The reason I do this is because I do not want to spend a year or so designing my own website when I already have tools like Weebly to do all this for me. And as a video game developer, I feel I now have everything I need to get myself started. Laugh all you want, I feel I have made the right choice.


My website will eventually become available on this domain. You may wish to come back at a later point when this website finally reflects the changes made to its DNS settings.


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