It's taking a while...

2015-03-29 15:39:07 by brutalexcess

Not much has really happened lately... I started work on a new version of StoryDev, so that it would be more of a visual novel than a text-based interactive story engine. But it seems that is falling apart considering Art is relied on so much, and drawing Art is not my strong point! And with many people disagreeing with the pay rates I am introducing over on the Art forums, I have little support to go by.

As a consequence, I may postpone Ancient Domain until I have the finances to support a project as large as the said game.

I think I will go back to using Twine for the purposes of writing an interactive story; I am not entirely sure what kind of story it is going to be yet. I may create a text-based adventure using Twine and see where that takes me.


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