2 months, but here's something

2015-05-06 16:31:30 by brutalexcess

Hello people of Newgrounds! I have been absent for at least two months on here, not really doing anything in my spare time other than figuring out what to do with my life. However, now that I am no longer employed, I feel I have self-motivated myself into starting a business. "How will you do that?" you ask? I am currently creating an interactive story (from scratch) in HTML5, using jQuery for grabbing data, saving and loading files to the users system, some neat CSS3 and a body of images to back it up. I have employed someone here on Newgrounds to complete some art in the aid of this endeavour.

Below is a screenshot of the current progress of this interactive story:


I am using the power of Brackets (an awesome editor for HTML5 and CSS3), which allows me to make changes and seeing them in action without ever needing to alt-tab and refresh; live previewing is a great feature, indeed!

I am also implementing some responsive features so that it may work on tablets and phones well:


As you can see the game engine is nothing fancy, believe me I'm still getting my head around CSS3 and HTML5 (my JavaScript is better than both combined). Also, as you can also tell, the game is called Fall of Atlantis. I will release a small version of it here, but I do intend to sell this product for the purposes of starting a video games business.


Art by Ray "MasterMerol" Monter

I will keep you updated on both the engine, content and potentially Art assets.


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2015-05-06 17:41:57

Nice work, I know a bit of html and css and it's not easy...