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Outrageous Outrageous

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm not sure Classical is the right genre to put this in, honestly :) There is so much going on in this song it's rather hectic, I do like the drum'n'bass feel to it and it certainly feels like some sort of Boss Theme for a video game. I'm not sure how to describe my mood in this song honestly, it is rather mixed - I think it is the overdoing of the drums near the end that puts me off slightly. I still enjoy dancing my fingers to this song, if that makes sense...

Wild Encounter! Wild Encounter!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

As I am listening to this, this rather reminds me of Final Fantasy to some extent. It has that general theme to it. I do like the mix of instruments in this, and certainly sounds like a Battle theme of the sorts, although 'Wild Encounter' is slightly misleading as I listen to this song - sounds more royal than it should be for that kind of theme, although that may be just my opinion. :) Still, very good effort, I have little to criticise about this.

Nimble responds:

haha, wild encounters to me should feel a little light-hearted in nature in comparison to other types of encounters, and I translated that into my writing. I'm a brass player, so maybe that's why it sounds a little on the royal side. You'll hear some more interesting things from me soon, as of course this isn't the only thing that the project needs. Stay tuned and thanks for the review! :)