StoryDev Patch Notes 1.0.5

2014-11-12 09:24:50 by brutalexcess

For those of you who do not know what StoryDev even is, it is an interactive story engine/editor which allows you to create visually-engaging interactive stories. For a full list of features, you can check them out in a previous article.


  • Added newLine() function to be used when adding links via code to prevent parsing issues.
  • callEvent() can be used in links again.
  • Added arrows beside the Volumes and Quality control to solve scrolling issues when targeting the Web (using Flash).


  • Added Import JSON functionality.
  • Provided the ability to change the ID of Game Events and Passages; conflicting IDs do not save.
  • Save, Load and New Project functions no longer creates a project when cancelled.
  • Video Tutorials and Documentation now links to their respective URLs.
  • Added Refresh button to prevent using the Combo Box all the time to refresh the list.

You can download these changes here.

Here is a screenshot of the Import JSON functionality in action:


The above code shown in the lower-most window is code for a Combat screen. The player has 5 turns total to defeat the enemy by clicking on the "Damage Enemy" link, which takes off a random number between 5 and 10 from the enemy. If the enemy falls to 0 or below before 5 turns ends, the player is Victorious, otherwise the player will be Defeated.

For some video tutorials, check my YouTube playlist.

Happy developing/writing!


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